Couples Therapy in Ceinter

Couples Counseling

"When you go from I can't live without you to I can't live with you".

Couples therapy is a space of growth where couples learn to relate in a different way, in order to enrich their relationship and fulfil their interests.

When the strategies used in the relationship have not been useful to solve their difficulties, the support of a professional becomes necessary to learn new alternatives while the relationship strengthens.

There are situations in the shared life of a couple that haven’t been properly solved creating pain and distance in the relationship.

Couples therapy can be held with both partners or with only one of them. It is much more fruitful if both of them attend to therapy, but they are not always both willing to come. Even so, thanks to our interactional approach, changes will occur in the relationship even if only one member of the couple comes to therapy.

What are the most common problems in a relationship?

Some sources of conflict like unfaithfulness, humdrum, issues conceiving a baby, parenting issues, lack of time, a complicated financial situation, loneliness or communication problems, come to be hard to handle without the help of an expert.
In the listing below you’ll be able to recognize a series of problematic situations:

- The intrusion of a third party (unfaithfulness, in-laws)
- Humdrum
- The painful communication problems and the frequent arguments that do not come to a conclusión, or on the other hand, the silent treatments and the difficulties to talk to each other, damage the relationship.
- Failing to carry on with a life project that was initially started with love and enthusiasm.
- The idea of changing the other instead of accepting the person as he/she is.

If you find that your relationship is going through any of these problems, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for a first session.

At Ceinter Psicólogos we all work at each case as a team, providing supervisión for the different cases that come to our psychologists in order to establish the most effective approach for each personal situation and achieve expected results in the quickest possible way.

The therapy process usually includes at least one individual session with each member of the couple. In the individual session the expectations and goals of each member of the couple will be analysed to help assess if it would be suitable to start couples therapy. Once this has been assessed we will proceed to negotiate the goals set for the therapeutic process.

Every session lasts from 60 to 75 minutes and they will be held once a week or once every two weeks depending on what is agreed with the couple.

If the both members of the couple decide to come to therapy, and one of them or both them have emotional issues of their own, making it necessary to have a therapeutic space of their own, individual sessions will be offered to address these problems in private. The individual personal work will facilitate the therapeutic work done within the couple.

You will be able to:

- Improve your quality of life and personal wellbeing.

- Increase your self knowledge as well as the knowledge of your significant other.

- Improve your communication skills, being more clear, affectionate and assertive.

- Learn new ways of problem solving and conflict management.

- Find an increase in your intimacy and self-acceptance, as well as more intimacy and acceptance towards your partner.

- Be more satisfied with your affectional bond and feel it strengthening.

- Increase your personal wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of the couple. 

- Share a new life project full of hope.

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Communication problems

Do you have the feeling that you and your partner speak different languages? That the constant criticism and reproval do not let you go on forward to look for new solutions? Are your tones so unpleasant or your silences so far-reached that you feel you live in separate worlds?

Learning to communicate with respect, affection and in harmony is an ability that allows the couple to grow beyond the difficulties and it guaranties the love and tenderness day by day. At Ceinter our experts in couples therapy and communication skills will give you the tools you need to improve your relationship and increase your emotional closeness in order to achieve your common goals.

Differences in your life projects

Do you feel you and your partner do not share the same life anymore? The anger and moodiness weigh more than the laughs and the good moments? Are you feeling that sharing plans for the future or the present is now tiresome, and you don’t get to have time to make plans together? Do you feel your relationship is filled with sacrifices?

When you have more than one affirmative answer to these questions it may be time to look for professional help. Ceinter Psicólogos counts with experts in couples therapy who will help you understand what is happening to your relationship and will facilitate the search of effective solutions to improve emotional bond.

Intrusion of third parties

Do you feel that you and your partner do not share a common project and that other people’s opinion is more important than your own? Someone who puts in danger your relationship has walked into your life? Do you feel overruled, lost or distressed? Do you fear not being able to solve the situation up to the point of taking even more distance from your partner?

If this is the case, it would be time for you to look for an expert that is able to help you make up with your partner and make your relationship stronger. At Ceinter you will be able to find a family expert in conciliation who will teach you to sort out your difficulties and will provide you with tools to join yourselves together in the face of others and get through your crisis.

Sexual relations

Are you not satisfied with the quantity and quality of your sexual life? Do you enjoy having sex with your partner? Is there one of you who doesn’t seem to want to have sex?

The pace of modern life, an illness, some types of medication, having emotional problems or the stress of everyday, are some of the factors that could cause these types of sexual issues. Even though some temporary problems are often common in sexual relations, when the problem persists over time it should be treated by a professional.

At Ceinter Psicólogos, on top of having your privacy guaranteed over a delicate subject, you will count with an specialized team trained to detect these types of problems and treat them as well.

When the solution is to continue the path on your own

Do you have so many problems in your relationship that you're thinking about continuing on your own? Or has your partner decided to follow a path on his own?

A separation often implies a personal life crisis, that damages our feelings of security and affects our wellbeing. With the help of the experts of Ceinter this new situation could become an opportunity for change and open other possibilities. You could learn to step out of your suffering and exhaustion, develop personal ressources that have been asleep as well as new aptitudes. If on the emotional level you feel pain, resentment, guilt or fear of loneliness and of the future ahead, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

If some of these feelings overwhelm you and do not let you move forward, it is time to look for professional help.